proudly presents

A Magnificent Musical Spectacle
“Adi & Ashi’s Indian Adventure”

Treasure Trove Productions

TTP is the brainchild of Singer/Writer/Theatre Artiste Shalini Balaje in partnership with marketing and business management guru Shreekala Sukumaran. In an interesting attempt in bridging East and West, ‘Adi and Ashi’s Indian Adventure’ is a true-blue New York Broadway styled musical but is completely set in India with Indian music and dance. The aim of the production house is to bring music, dance and drama to children in a wholesome way through meaningful stories, brilliant music and scintillating dance sequences in exquisite and elaborate settings.

‘Adi and Ashi’s Indian Adventure’ is the maiden venture of Treasure Trove Productions, written by Shalini Balaje. It is an indigenously created English musical, that unravels the beautiful culture of India through traditional songs, dance forms & drama far beyond the boundaries of live theatre. The Indian theme in all its splendour will set the perfect backdrop for the grandeur. The show is breathtakingly set to transport its audience into the magic & visual tapestry of Indian music & dance performed by over 150 children, who will be trained by accomplished artistes in the field.

Your Child and Us

Every child who joins our production will be given training in Acting, Singing and Dancing by a handpicked team of professional Actors, Musicians and Choreographers. Your child gets an opportunity here not only to bring out their musical and acting talents but also build a sense of comradery among their peers. We aspire to encourage children to develop their self-esteem and inspire them to believe in themselves and what they can achieve through the magical world of musical theatre.

Treasure Trove Productions created and conceptualised “Broadway Express” - 2016

Chennai city recently saw the exuberance of more than 80 children in an unrivalled performance to the most upbeat & enchanting Broadway themes. The scintillating performance of a young cast & its roaring success laid the inspiring foot steps to the creation of another mammoth production "Adi & Ashi’s Indian Adventure"

Assessment and Certification through Trinity College of London

For the first time in Chennai’s musical theatre scene, the prestigious Trinity College of London (The International board of exams for performing arts) will assess & grade the musical production. The entire cast & crew will receive their theatre & performance certificates of merit upon successful completion of the show.

The Team

Director/Writer: Shalini Balaje

Stage Manager and Business Head: Shreekala Sukumaran

On Board with us in this Production:

Co-Director: Neelakantan

Choir Training: Dr. Sudha Raja

Choreography: Swetha Prachande / Dhanya Ajay / Pooja Abhilash

Music: Timothy Madhukar

Set Director: Victor Paul

Technical director: Sean Bout

Graphic Designer: Livingston

Lighting Director: Manu Jacob

When & Where:

Venue: The stage is set at "Sir Mutha Venkata SubbaRao Auditorium” on Saturday, 10th February 2018

Rehearsals: Workshops & Practice sessions for the show will start in September 2017 (Only weekends) until Feb 10th (Show date)

Registration: Limited spots & time left to register for a show like no other. Just click on the link below to register today.